Why did we build a new fire house?

  • We did not own the exness old Fire Station.  the building was leased from the Glen Haven Association.
  • The number of calls we annually respond to has doubled in the last decade.
  • The vast majority of our calls are in the nature of Emergency Medical Response.
  • Our old facilities lacked meeting/training space, a restroom, heat, water, storage and office space.
  • We are 100% funded by donations; from landowners through the Glen Haven Association, The Retreat Landowners Association, and other landowners within our response area - and the occasional grant pursued by the Board.

Ongoing fund raising is necessary to keep the doors open!

As we move forward to exness kenya provide you with quality emergency medical and fire services critical to serve and protect our community in the 21st century, won't you seriously consider all you can do to personally support us?