Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary

The Mission of the exness Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary is to SHARE. 

the Fire Department during times of emergency by providing supplies at the scene of fires or natural disasters, as well as helping the Fire Department personnel and their families during times of loss or need. 

the service and sacrifice of Firefighters and their families.

the Fire Department in raising funds for equipment and community awareness by holding events and activities. 

the Fire Department at functions and events. 

community support of the Glen Haven Fire District and it’s members.



We at the exness nigeria Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary (GHAVFDA) are seeking your assistance in helping build a stock of supplies that will help our firefighters when they are called into action.  When they are called up, we believe they need only to be concerned about their gear and the task at hand, not about nourishment and other things that help keep them going.  That's where the Auxiliary comes in.

These items will be stored in airtight containers that are easy to grab and take to our firefighters on a moments notice.  We will have containers to mix large quantities of drinks (i.e Gatorade, hot cocoa and coffee).  We would appreciate any of the following items or other items of this sort that you feel they may need.

Cup of Soup 

Oatmeal - individual packets 

Hot Cocoa - individual packets or economy size 

Gatorade powder - we prefer not to get individual bottles as they will be cumbersome to store and transport


 Granola Bars

 Energy Bars

 Face Wipes

 Hand Sanitizer


 Large plastic storage containers

 Small plastic storage containers (size of a shoe box)

 Igloo type water containers (5 gallon)

 Large stock pots

 Pop-up (for cover and shade)

Hand Towels

Commercial size coffee servers

 Large plastic or metal bowls
 Folding chairs and tables
 Folding cots

 Large foil roasting pans
 Plastic pitchers

 Cook stove

 Aluminum foil

 1 gallon plastic bags

 Disposable gloves

 Food handling disposable gloves

 Plastic forks, spoons

 Individual condiment packages (mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish)

 Disposable Bowls and Spoons - for oatmeal and other items that may come in 

**  OR if you prefer, you can donate Safeway Gift Cards so that we can get them food that we would not otherwise be able to store.  We would be able to go to the store as soon as we get the call that the Firefighters have been called into action and buy them fruit, sandwich fixings, etc.

These items can be dropped off at the monthly Auxiliary meeting or you can call the number below to arrange a time to drop them off at the firehouse.

 We thank you in advance for your help.


  Alison Ostman - Auxiliary Chair   970-685-2983

Also if you know anyone who is willing to donate a van that can be used as a support vehicle, please contact me.  All items need to be in clean good condition and working order.  


 This list will be updated periodically as we obtain items or think of additional items that will be needed. Please check the public Glen Haven Fire Department website at for updates.   

Your help is greatly appreciated. Our fire personnel donate their time and risk their lives to keep our community safe. Let’s help them help us.
Also, if you are interested in becoming part of a response team that would activate in a situation as described above, please contact me.