About Glen Haven Area VFD

The Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department has a exness historically small call volume annually, but as demonstrated in the list, many of the incidents can and have been dramatic, large events.


The "busy" time is during the summer when the population of the entire Estes Valley is impacted by the tourist season, which may bring 3 million visitors to the area in a 4-month period. EMS, HazMat, Motor Vehicle Accidents and the standard nuisance calls create a busy season for all of the area Fire agencies.  Wildland fires really complicate the mix!


The Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department enjoys Mutual-Aid agreements with many area agencies, including:

  • Estes Park Volunteer exness south africa Fire Department
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Colorado State Forest Service
  • Loveland Rural Fire Department
  • Big Thompson Canyon Fire Dept.
  • Estes Park Medical Center
  • Larimer County Sheriff's Department
  • Larimer County Emergency Services


  • July 31, 1976...Big Thompson Flood
  • Christmas 1989...Horseshoe Cafe Fire. ..large commercial restaurant destroyed by fire of suspicious nature in Glen Haven
  • Summer/Fall 1990...4 arson fires destroy I family cabin and damage 3 others
  • Summer 1995...Torrential rainfall lasts 6 days causing flooding and requiring evacuations in Glen Haven
  • Summer 1997...a repeat performance of the 1995 rains
  • 1999...what was to become the most serious drought conditions in 100 years begins
  • Summer 2000...Bobcat Gulch Wildfire burned 26 structures and over 11,000 acres
  • Summer 2002...Big Elk Fire burned exness.africa.com over 9,000 acres east of Estes Park


Firehouse #1

firehouse 1

Firehouse #2

firehouse #2